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We're done here, winter

It’s finally warm again, like last weekend’s snow never happened. Well, sort of.

Driving through the Wye Valley from Bristol I passed the remnants of the Beast from the East, which has taken a more diminutive form these last few days- it's now compacted into six foot high muddy snow banks on the verges of rural farm tracks (the usual road is closed; now every excursion is an adventure spent watching the sat nav while praying that no one is coming the other way down the single lane track). But mainly, the snow is gone. And it's starting to feel like spring - really this time! Buds are beginning to burst on crabapple trees, the brook below the house is gurgling like a waterfall, and while not my favourite of the spring plants, the first signs of nettles are poking the wet grass and the banks of the stream. Ok winter, I think we're finally done here...

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