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The snowdrops have arrived

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

It's likely that this afternoon's flowery find has been in the garden for weeks, but it's been well hidden. The lower paddock is a hilly, mucky mess; it's almost entirely covered in

tenaciously adherent brambles, so not a top winter hang out spot and I've avoided it pretty much all month. But life in the paddock goes on. A quick visit to see if my night camera has picked up any signs of hedgehogs [note: it hasn't], I discover that the paddock is now home to bursts of snowdrops concealed beneath mossy logs and dried, dead bracken. It's also

taken up residence over the access hatch to our septic tank, somehow proving that actually, if you put crap in, you get snowdrops out.

#snowdrops #winter #wildflowers

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