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Here are some of my most recent articles. Click on any image to visit the original source.

Your guide to the most environmentally-friendly festive season ever (Natural Health)

Food makes up about a third of a person's total carbon footprint, so your choices are the most effective way to reduce your environmental impact.


Organic farms have 50 percent more wildlife, support better farming jobs and use natural processes to maximise energy efficiency. Organic farms also mean more pollinators and wildlife, better animal welfare and no system of farming has lower pesticide use.


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Flyboarding takes off over the Thousand Islands (Thousand Islands Life)

Sitting with All In Adventures co-owner Kevin Thorn near the water’s edge at Bonnie Castle’s Pointe Bar & Grill in Alexandria Bay, my attention is drawn to a small figure in the water.


The kid, who’s currently underwater save for his head, serenely bobs in the ripples while listening attentively to his instructor, Thorn’s business partner Scott Neale, paying no heed to a growing crowd of onlookers. He stills when Neale finishes speaking and collects himself.


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Image © H. Coristine 2014

Brewing up a success story in Gananoque (Thousand Islands Life)

“What’s the local brew?” It’s a simple question, but arguably the one that began Thousand Islands B&B owner Bruce Davis’ mission to produce Eastern Ontario’s best local beer.


Eventually, Davis decided that he’d had enough of passing off Toronto beers as ‘local’ and founded the Gananoque Brewing Company, which has been brewing heritage and specialty beers since 2011. 


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Image courtesy of Gananoque Brewing Company


The Thousand Islands Inn: A home for new traditions 
(Thousand Islands Life)

Once a quiet waterfront village, Clayton has arguably become the poster child for Thousand Islands revitalization over the past decade. Boasting some of the best activities in the region, the town’s highlights include the extensive Antique Boat Museum, the beautifully restored Clayton Opera House, as well as a number of art galleries, cafés and museums which attract visitors from across the river and the world over. 


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Image courtesy of Thousand Islands Inn

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